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An International Business Company (IBC) is a flexible, low cost, corporate vehicle which can be used for almost every  commercial activity, including the holding of bank accounts, real estate, investment portfolios and international trading accounts.  Stocks and pooled investments (e.g. Mutual Funds) can be purchased in the name of the IBC.

Companies can be incorporated within 24 hours and incorporation documents are generally available within 5 working days. 

ACSL is able to set up IBC's throughout the world.  Due diligence requirements and annual fees will vary slightly in different jurisdictions.



 Nominee Services

ACSL can provide: Nominee Directors, Shareholders, and/or Officers.  Nominee services can provide the client with anonymity while retaining control over the company. 

Nominee Directors/Officers is a corporate body or individual that formally holds the position as Director/Officer.  The Nominee will be on record at local Registrar Offices.


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A foundation is a hybrid between a trust and a company, having several aspects in common with one or the other.  

A foundation has many uses.  These include:

·         Provide continuity of family business;

·         Manage bank and brokerage accounts;

·         Own and transfer freely real and/or personal estate objects, land;

·         To invest offshore;

·         Optimize tax planning;

·         Manage pension or profit sharing plans for employees;

·         Act as a holding company

·         To protect assets from possible future seizure by creditors;

·         Carry out educational, philanthropic, humanitarian, scientific or charitable activities.

·         Key Services include:

·         Registration of Foundations

·         Act as Secretary

·         Registered Office and Officers

·         Retention of Books and Records


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Private Trust Companies

A Private Trust Company (PTC) is a company that acts as trustee for a particular family trust of other related trusts.  It allows families to professionally manage their businesses without compromising the validity of the trust structure.  Tailored trust companies are established to meet specific demand while keeping traditional family values.

Advantages of the PTC include:

 ·        Control – Family members are closely involved with the administration of the trusts and its  assets.  This allows them to have influence on how the trust is administered.

·       Privacy – If board members are family members or trusted advisors, information regarding  the trust and family affairs becomes more restricted.

·    Continuity – This structure makes it more for succeeding generations to become board members and have influence and control over wealth management and administration of family members.

·      Centralised management of family affairs – Family’s can efficiently manage legal, tax and  financial affairs.

·       PTC’s are primarily used for estate planning.  They allow families to plan how their assets  are distributed after death.


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Trustee Services

A trust is a legal arrangement whereby an individual, the “settler”, transfers property to another, the “trustee”, for the benefit of a third person, the “beneficiary”, who may also be the settler.  A trust is very versatile; it can be used for lifetime management and/or post-death management and disposition of a settlor’s estate.

·         Trusts are generally established for:

·         Estate planning                                                   

·         International investment

·         Tax planning

·         Avoid disruption on death

·         Protection from potential creditors

·         Flexibility

·         To provide for minors

·         To protect beneficiaries

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